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Nursery ナーサリー

Open hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 19:00

Our package:

SCHEDULES: You can select the hours that fit your needs.

 7 hours - 9 hours - 11 hours


-English Speaking



-Fun Activities


-BEAGLE members  1.3~2 years old

-TERRIER members  2~3years old



​ festivals and events

Our curriculum is based on physical and mental development, and we provide an environment where English is absorbed naturally as a part of daily life through play and activities.

Main Daily Routine  9:00~16:00

  • Playroom

  • Circle time

  • English class

  • Park time

  • Lunch

  • Nap time

  • Fun activity

  • Playroom

  • Good bye 

 Please note that the 1-2 year old slots tend to fill up quickly. Please inquire as soon as possible.

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