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What's TJ?

TJ International Nursery & Preschool is located 3 minutes on foot from Hacchobori Station Exit B4.

The name "TJ" comes from our owner's beloved Boston terrier who was always curious and adventurous. TJ is a symbol of children's natural curiosity and inquiring minds which we encourage them to keep into adulthood.

Our Philosophy

At TJ international, we develop individualized learning plans for the growth and development of each child.

We understand that every child is unique and have their own way of learning and thinking. We love and respect each and every child.

Our goal is to make our school a fun place to be so that the children can find themselves in a comfortable environment where they can develop mentally and physically.

TJ's classes

Our curriculum is created to support 3 areas of important child development; Mental heath, Physical health and Academic development. 

We treasure every child's uniqueness and accept them for who they are. Our art classes do not focus on making a perfect circle; children here are allowed to explore their creativity. 

Children also need the right guidance and tools to cultivate a bright future. In all our academic classes we assist them to gain knowledge they need to thrive.

And all classes are taught in a fun way that children can enjoy learning!


Tuition Fees

​→For enrollment or inquiries, please send us a message!

​*Our English and Math classes are based on Common Core State Standards Initiative

School Information


TJ International Nursery & Preschool



2 Chome 3-11 Shinkawa, Chuoku Tokyo







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