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At TJ international, we develop individualized learning plans for the growth and development of each child.

We understand that every child is unique and have their own way of learning and thinking. We love and respect each and every child.

Our goal is to make our school a fun place to be so that the children can find themselves in a comfortable environment where they can develop mentally and physically.


Make TJ A Place like home for the children

To make this place their second home, we'll accommodate each and every one of them.


Help balance both individuality and collectivity

As important as one's individuality is, it's impossible to live alone in this world. We strive to help the students achieve a healthy balance of both, making them well adjusted children.


teach diversity and respect

This world has a variety of cultures and way of thinking. In order to create a better future, it is necessary to nurture a broad perspective capable of understanding people who are different from ourselves. Our multinational staff, through interacting with the kids, will try to instill these values in them.


give tools to cultivate a bright future

Knowing the English language can broaden your horizons and connect you to more than 20% of the world outside of Japan. Learning English is the first step to unlocking the vast expanses of this beautiful world we live in.


Have fun, pursue fun

Children learn best when having fun. Not only will the enjoy their time at TJ, but we will also show them how to find fun in their lives outside of school!

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